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Krew Studios Announces New Digital NFT Collaboration


Web3 venture Krew Studios has announced the follow-up to its Masks NFT collection. While that particular release was the work of Spanish actor turned artist Jordi Mollà, the latest drop – dubbed Pastel World – is a collaborative effort between recording artist JVCKJ and animator Uriah Barrett-Thomas.

“Pastel World is a hugely exciting collection, one that leverages the considerable creative talents of two supremely gifted artists,” says Krew’s co-founder Rambino, who revealed that the project was six months in the making. “What JVCKJ and Uriah have produced builds on the success of Masks while offering something completely different to what is currently out there in the NFT space.”

Presenting Pastel PFPs

Pastel World features 8,888 generative PFPs known as Pastel Prophets, and a detailed backstory has been written to offer NFT collectors an insight into where the anime-like characters hail from.

In a nutshell, these colorful prophet avatars have been forced to abandon their native planet in the faraway Pastel Galaxy after it becomes uninhabitable. All Prophets are equipped with magical backpacks that represent enchanted life forms that must be nurtured to ensure the avatars’ survival.

“Pastel World is unique because in order to survive and thrive, Pastel holders must be in a constant state of ongoing growth and self-discovery,” explains Los Angeles based musician JVCKJ. “We start life at birth, and throughout each of our vibrant lives, colored by our experiences, our colors become deeper and more diversified. Our life journey is progressive – we grow more vibrant in a Pastel World.”

While the date for the collection’s launch has not yet been confirmed, holders of three or more Mask NFTs will get a berth on the whitelist for Pastel World, with the full collection set to be made available on the website. NFT collectors who obtain prophet avatars will also gain membership access to all Pastel World brands and metaverse community ownership.

Based in Los Angeles, the fast-growing creative studios and consultancy agency is composed of Web3 and NFT enthusiasts, as well as marketing strategists and creative directors. Krew’s maiden drop, which comprised thousands of unique digital masks based on hand-painted physical counterparts designed by Jordi Mollà, led to the creation of an immersive Mask World metaverse that forms one pillar of the so-called Krew Universe.

The creative minds at Krew intend to populate Mask World with a spate of arcade and PvP style games. Mask NFTs, meanwhile, function as tickets to the party. Mask owners can enter the fairground-like environment, participate in games, collect items and win rewards. It is not yet known how Pastel World fits into the Mask World concept – though it’s possible NFTs may be offered as rewards.

The popularisation of the metaverse concept has caused a virtual property boom in a sector dominated by platforms such as Sandbox and Decentraland. Last year sales of digital land reached $500 million, and coveted real estate continues to fetch eye-watering prices as investors bank on the assets appreciating. Metaverse enthusiasts will be curious to get a glimpse of Mask World and to leverage the gaming and earning opportunities therein.

The Krew Studios brain trust, meanwhile, expects big things from Pastel World. Avatar-based NFT projects have been one of crypto’s hottest talking points, buoyed by the success of CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Providing projects can create compelling artwork and a sense of investor FOMO, transaction volumes can quickly soar.

“Krew Studios has always been about harnessing as much creative energy as we can, and in doing so, bringing value to our growing community,” says the company’s co-founder Emily Rose Fiander. “This new collection very much reflects our storytelling vision, and it’s all down to JVCKJ and Uriah.”

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