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Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Launch Date Set, Time To Buy The News?


The highly anticipated Vasil Hard Fork on the Cardano network has been rescheduled. The hard fork was expected to push forward work that had been done on the network over the last couple of years. Due to this, the news of the June 29th launch had sparked a lot of enthusiasm for the network and had seen the price of its native token, ADA, surge. Now, with the delay, investors have had to reassess their stance and strategy when it comes to Cardano.

When Is Vasil Hard Fork Launching?

According to a blog post from IOG, the developer behind Cardano, the launch date for the Vasil Hard Fork had been moved back by another four weeks. So instead of launching next week as was previously announced, users will have to wait until the last week of July for the hard fork to be completed.

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Delays like these are not new in the crypto space. Ethereum’s move to the consensus layer has been in the works for a while now and has been subject to many delays over this time. Cardano notes in the blog post that the reasons for the delay have been the bugs that have been found to date. In particular, there are seven bugs that the developers are working to figure out. Although none of them are particularly ‘severe’.

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The post also notes that the developer is 95% done with the Plutus V2 test scripts. Adding that the Vasil hard fork had been the most complex development and integration on the network to date and as such, has been a challenging process.

Time To Buy Cardano?

Like with anything, an important upgrade such as the Vasil Hard Fork can carry various implications for the price of the digital assets themselves. This is why investors are always trying to time and buy along with times when there will be the most hype.

Since the upgrade has been pushed further by another four weeks, it has pushed the buying opportunity far back. If the price of the digital asset were to fall below its 20-day moving average in the next three weeks, it would present a good opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency in a bid to catch the height of the hype.

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Mostly, when “buy the rumor and sell the news” comes into play, it is best to always purchase the cryptocurrency right before the rumors begin. And then around the time of the launch will see a good amount of dumping which is when the price declines. This was the same thing that occurred prior to and after the launch of smart contracts capability on the Cardano network. 

The price of the digital asset is currently trading at $0.504 at the time of this writing. The next major resistance point lies at $0.55 while support is available at $0.43.

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