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Cardano Releases New Update On Testnet, How Will The Price Respond?


Cardano is gradually pushing through most of its network’s building phases. The Basho phase, the fourth of the five stages of Cardano’s developing plans, is progressing.

The first three phases were Goguen, Byron, and Shelley, which provide smart contracts, the foundation, and decentralization, respectively. Finally, Vasil, the primary feature of Basho, is launched on Cardano’s testnet with a focus on scalability.

In recent news, the Cardano network has completed the hard fork of Vasil on its testnet. This latest successful move prepares the network for the upcoming upgrade on the mainnet. The tech firm Input-Output Global (IOG), handling the project, announced on July 3.

With the progressive movement, the network is expected to experience more scalability and excellent performance for all transactions. Also, the tech company is inviting project developers, stake pool operators, and exchanges to test run on the testnet.

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They could roll out their projects to test the features of the Vasil. This would enable the team to timely maintain all necessary assessments and adjustment the final upgrade on the mainnet.

The IOG team had planned for the Vasil upgrade on the Cardano mainnet to be on June 29. But it later postponed the date of the event. The team explained that fixing all the prevailing unharmful bugs needed more time.

According to the statement from IOG, the network’s community is carried along in the project through its proposal. However, it would take the confirmed readiness of the community for the final launch of the upgrade on the Cardano mainnet. The tech firm estimated one month for the launch to take place.

Cardano Price Reacts Despite Vasil Upgrade

Launching Vasil on the mainnet is expected to introduce several scalability features on the network. These include enhanced transaction efficiency and performance and increased block creation speed or throughput. In addition, the upgrade would enable the interoperability of the network with several blockchains and networks. Also, there would be a reduction in the overall network cost for all users.

Cardano has passed through a series of developmental stages. Smart contract integration stands as its last principal development stage. This was closely followed by decentralized applications as well as DeFi protocols.

Cardano has been advancing gradually with lots of activities from developing irrespective of the numerous projects within the ecosystem.

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Vasil upgrade is a great developmental project on the Cardano network. However, its news of launch hasn’t made a significant impact on the native token ADA. The price of the coin is around $0.44 at the press time. This shows about a 0.4% drop within the last 24 hours.

Cardano price reacted positively before taking a downturn Source: ADAUSDT Tradingview

Data from DeFi Llama revealed that the total locked value (TVL) for Cardano is $115.85 million. The most significant contributor is WingRiders, a DeFi exchange that holds up to $49.7 million.

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