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Bears Refuse To Budge As Bitcoin Struggles To Reclaim $20,000


Bitcoin has been taking hit after hit from bears who want to see the price of the digital asset crumble to its lowest point. This has led to struggles on the part of bitcoin to keep up its price. However, with so many events working against the crypto industry and a large number of investors pulling out of the market, the digital asset has had a hard time maintaining its price above its last cycle high.

Bitcoin Falls Below $20,000

Bitcoin’s price has now fallen below $20,000 for the third time this year with so many hurdles in between. After struggling to maintain $22,000, the bears had once again seized control, which resulted in another dip. Bitcoin’s fall to the $19,000 level carries the same implications as it has the other times but one thing that differentiates them is where the price had peaked before it made this fall.

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It is not surprising given the rate at which money is moving out of the digital asset. It is nowhere near the previous bottoms of other bear markets. However, investors have been taking heavy losses due to the fact that the crash in June was one of the worst crashes ever recorded in the history of the cryptocurrency. 

Reports even show that those who have held their coins for 3-5 years, who would normally still be in some profit even during a bear market are selling their coins for a 33% loss on average. Such high loss margins speak even worse for shorter-term investors who have been recording the worst losses.

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Profitability Begins To Fall

For most of the market crashes, the profitability for bitcoin holders has been holding up and remained in the majority. This was due to a large number of bitcoin holders being long-term investors and the digital asset maintaining above its previous cycle peak. However, as bitcoin has dropped below $20,000, its profitability has declined drastically.

Data from IntoTheBlock puts into perspective just how much profitability has declined in the last couple of months. The number of holders in losses and profit is now at an equal percentage, with 48% on each side. The remaining 3% of holders are simply in the middle at this point.

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The exchange inflows highlighted on the platform speak volumes about the sell-offs that have been happening in the space. In the last seven days, there have been $4.14 billion worth of inflows, and although outflows have surpassed this with a volume of $4.27 billion, it shows that investors are still selling almost as much as they are buying.

As for bitcoin’s price, it remains below the coveted $20,000 level. Now trending at $19,800 at the time of this writing, the digital asset is more than 71% down from its all-time high.

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