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Cardano (ADA) Outlook Looks Bullish, Here’s Why


The crypto market-wide correction has also left its mark on the Cardano price. Nevertheless, ADA is holding up better than other altcoins. While Ethereum fell by 9.1% in the last seven days, Polygon (MATIC) by 11.1%, Cardano “only” fell by 7.6% in the same period.

In addition to recent strong fundamentals, a bullish chart pattern for ADA in the 1-day chart is also likely to play an important role. In this time frame, Cardano has formed a massive reverse head-and-shoulders pattern since last October, which came to fruition just before crypto prices collapsed.

The reversed head and shoulders price signals the end of a downtrend and is therefore a trend reversal formation. Ideally, the head and shoulders – as is currently the case with ADA – forms the conclusion of a long-term downtrend.

It occurs after a pronounced downtrend with three lows. The middle low is the highest and is called the head. The surrounding highs are called shoulders.

Investors usually enter a long position when the price rises above the neckline resistance, which can be considered a massively bullish sign. The current correction is bringing the ADA price back towards the neckline, although ADA had just broken out last week.

The move can therefore be seen as a bullish retest of the neckline. The level at $0.405 is the key price ADA bulls need to defend. Crypto analyst Ali Martinez pointed out the chart pattern lately and stated:

The recent correction looks like a bullish retest before ADA reaches the target of this inverse head & shoulders formation. Still, the 200EMA on the daily chart at $0.39 must hold ADA for the bullish outlook to remain valid.

Cardano reverse head and shoulders pattern | Source: Twitter: @ali_charts

Fundamental Outlook For Cardano Equally Bullish

Ken Kodama, founder and CEO at Emurgo and co-founder of the Cardano project also shared a number of bullish reasons today that can be attributed to fundamentals. As Kodama explains, the Voltaire era and CIP-1694 are the biggest topics for Cardano right now.

One point where Cardano stands out is developer activity. In 2023, Cardano is a frontrunner for developer activity on GitHub. In recent years, Cardano has been the most actively developed blockchain network, according to Santiment, and is consistently in the top 3 from month to month, according to Kodama.

The ADA co-founder also highlights the recent Dynamic P2P Nodes upgrade, which allows Cardano stake pools to be more decentralized and improve connectivity to other nodes. Voltaire and CIP-1694 will provide the foundation for community-driven on-chain governance of Cardano. Regarding stablecoins, Kodama states:

Cardano native stablecoins are assets as they help with liquidity, allow for an on-chain safe haven, and a faster alternative to traditional payment processors. There are still questions about the use of stablecoins, but development continues and they are gaining traction.

Cardano’s DeFi space is also making great progress, as NewsBTC shared recently. Cardano’s DeFi has reached TVL all-time highs in recent months. “DEXs, and other DeFi products continue to build and attract users, building the overall #CardanoDeFi ecosystem,” concluded the Emurgo founder.

At press time, the ADA price was at $0.4023, fighting to accomplish a daily close above the neckline.

Cardano ADA price
ADA price, 1-day chart | Source: ADAUSD on

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